March 2019

We had earlier discussed digitization of the Lands Registry in our previous paper. The Ministry, from 22nd March, 2019 rolled out a more simplified process to enhance the smooth registration of documents.

Application for registration form

Unlike before, the application for registration form commonly known as the booking form shall have:-

  1. Business registration number of the law firm;
  2. KRA PIN; and
  3. Telephone number.

The applicant shall receive a text message confirming that the documents have been received for registration.

Thereafter, the applicant will receive updates on the status and upon successful registration, receive a text message confirming that the documents are ready for collection.

The booking form will also bear the day booking number and also a unique tracking number. Please note that tracking numbers will only be issued for documents lodged at the Central Lands Registry.

Franking of documents.

Franking of documents at the Central Lands Registry shall be done internally at the Registry after lodging the documents for registration. As such franking of documents will no longer be a process on its own.


Consents to transfer and charge shall be applied online. This will increase efficiency and eliminate the cumbersome process that existed before of filling and delivering physical forms.

N.B The content of this alert is intended to be of general use only and should not be relied upon without seeking specific legal advice on any matter. If you have any questions, please write to our experts at using the contact us form

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